Welcome. Enjoy your stay and visit again sometime

Welcome to crescent star my little corner of the internet.

I will be updating this site continuously, i'll be adding an art display page and some other things i have in mind so look forward to the updates n_n... (1/02/09)

Added project DAROT and Short Stories - just a couple of things not much at the moment. Currently trying to add some kind of art program for the site so anyone could make their own drawings (1/02/09)

Its was Kandys' Birthday today, so i decided to do a pirture for her birthday (as much as i bother her)
the pic is in fact not actually not finished because of recent accidents (friend was in a car accident), and i've been working like crazy. so i tried to finish as much as i could, though eventhough its not done she "liked it" -_- i doubt it... but you can see for yourself in the picture section (1/05/09)

Project D.A.R.O.T

i updated project darot have fun reading... a couple of special things were added try not to get too excited have fun testers!

Just somewhat of an update~

OK some the game seems to be doing really well on its own. um we actually can start trying to put it live though since we'll wait till the economy pics up a bit. "Happy Birthday" to those that's I've forgotten to mention. I've also been playing CABAL like crazy so I've been in my own world for a bit. Look forward to next months update on DAROT it'll be nice. Adding a new page to this site its called "Slightly Neurotic" ingame group of people that i'm with our ups and downs, ins and outs with picturs and whatnot n_n.


So spring break finally came and I'm off to DUBAI.  I hope it goes great, I'll be there with my one and only and few great friends (37). We'll be spending like crazy because we have been saving for a trip like this for almost six years, so expect me to be as broke as ever. Well anyway. i hope the testers have fun without me beating them up and Marcos continues fixing those pesky in game bugs and doesn't go around killing every tester that starts to annoy him with questions. So be nice and I'll be back the week after next on Tuesday... :P

E3 Convention (wish me luck)

May 29th - June 5th I'll will be in Cali, Los Angeles for a huge gaming convention called E3. With new titles of games and other goodies coming out, I'll be surprised if i don't get lost along the way. New games and tiles for all of the platforms Pc, Wii, Ps3, Xbox360 i'll be playing like crazy and i hope to find some decent competition (traveling comp. Angela, Sara, Jennifer,Marcos, Luke, etc etc...) thank you guys for making this possible. "we've been saving up for this trip for about 4 years now. not because of the costs but because of the many people that wanted to come along... seeing as this is everyone's first time going to E3. So wish us luck getting or winning something decent and lets hope this years E3 isn't such a crappy year... (Nintendo i laugh at your last E3 conference)


Off to NY for a bit - so marc will be upadting a few things

ugh, even though i'll be at NY its only for work maybe i'll have enough time to view some things, take some pictures, laugh at some new yorkers with their weird accents... buahahaha

Off to Europe and no play

Even though its business only, I'm off to France for a bit of work work and more work. I'll be on from time to time to check on a couple of people that need to be watched over, I'll be away from from the 31st up until the 13th of August so take care guys have fun until i return...

Home back home...

Home Back Home.. great to be here. more updates will be given out, more music and other goodies too.

San Fran. - again -

Back in San Francisco - making business deals, getting business contracts for more work. Work work work.. i'll be back in Miami on Dec. 22. Nov. 28 (Happy B-day).  Home update - 11/24/09

Busy busy busy...

I've been really busy with my business going from Florida to San Francisco, although i'm currently still there and have been for about two months and counting. There are still a lot of things to do and to finish. Dec is my due date to come back. Since I've been really busy i really haven't had the time to update the site as much or play a lot of the games that I've like to. The site does have a new layout though thats probably the only thing that i've updated. The servers for D.A.R.O.T. TM have been down since i've left and will be back up and running when i sufficient time to do so. I would also like to apologies to our BETA testers for not having the servers running and for not having a Halloween EVENT for the game, so I've decided to Host a Special Halloween/Christmas event on the 24th called "Jolly Spooky". So when i go back to Florida be sure to tune in from time to time. I'll also have to let Marc. do some of the other Updates as well like. Thank you for being patient. 11/24/09

Modern Warfare 2

FPS New Game that I've been Playing on Xbox live >.< be sure to look into it if you're into war games.
I've also been playing Magna Carta 2 which seems pretty good so far i really haven't had the time to play
that one as much. Though it looks great so be sure to look into that one too if you're into RPG's. 11/24/09


Video Game Awards is close at hand so be sure to tune in on Spike TV...

2009 Game awards, work , and games

So the 2009 game awards was a big hit some of the games that i voted were mentioned and won (i guess voting does count. maybe i should vote for other things *cough*president*cough*) anywho, it was an great event to watch with an extremely horrible band at the end. after leaving San Francisco (being there for 3 months) i needed to go to North Carolina (for 4 months) -_- horrible but i put up with it. Still Playing games as much as i can i'll put up vids of the current games that i've been playing recently. 01- 13 - 10

Happy Halloween, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Work (all in one and belated)

It was an ok Halloween, twas a very special Christmas with angela and i (smoochie smoochie) and it was an awesome New Years Party. my loves goes out to Marc, Sara, Chris, Mike, Luke, Angela, Melody, KEVIN - because he just so damn awesome) 01-13-10

More Happy late Holidays ~yay~

Happy Valentines Day and Presidents Day and coming up.. Easter a fun time when bunnies lay Eggs ~ what fun.
Moved to NC - North Carolina because of my job and more opportunities to have a better life so i decided to go for it. Met a couple of other friends that i have here so it's been quite a nice time. NO MORE D.A.R.O.T. updates. sorry guys but the game will no longer be updated or worked one. i would like to thank our testers for their help in making the game better but its has come to an end so. R.I.P. D.A.R.O.T.3/2/20